Sisters salad mezcla

Gently fry some garlic, onion and ginger on a little bit of coconut oil for about 5 minutes till the onion is kind of see through. Add tomatos and let everything cook for a while, between 5-10 minutes, depending on how u prefer your tomatoes – still recognisable or more like a sauce. Add purple cabbage, chopped into small pieces, and a handful of celery sticks also chopped into small pieces. Cook on light fire about 5 min.or few minutes extra if u dont want your cabbage to be extra crunchy. Check the taste and if u think it is done, it is done!:)


Take one big salad bowl and start adding different colors and aromas, use your imagination, what your local green market has to offer depending on the season and be playful and creative! Grate carrots, cut avocado, mango and fresh cucamber in pieces, u can add tops of the celery sticks as well, throw in a handful of chopped parsley.. And voila! Your sister salad and main dish are ready. Mix it all together in a plate and enjoy your yummy healty and energising meal!

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