Spread it! / Dip it! It’s a whommus thing!


Lentils dip / spread

Definitely one of my favorite things to prepare, super simple, budget-wise, effort-wise and time-wise..

U can use whichever color of lentils you have or prefer. You are a rebel. You are free to make your own choices.

Lentils don’t require soaking, but if u want to, u can still do it in order to reduce cooking time by about half. Wash them with cold water and drain, and add in boiling water to cook.

You will need:

  • lentils/chick peas (or both)
  • lemon
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • salt (i would say Himalayan, but feel sorry for the Himalayas when this blog reaches its optimal number of devotees)


Once cooked, drain the extra water and add them to the food processor or blender, or mix them with hand mixer (i find this more practical then blender, but everyone has their own ways).

Add garlic, olive oil, black pepper, salt, freshly squeezed lemon (i sometimes even use lime, whatever i grab first and is more practical in present moment 😉 ).. U can also spice it up with different kinds of spices, but somehow i mostly tend to keep it simple and love to feel the original  flavor of food, so i don’t go all crazy with additional stuff, but you can do as you please.. Check on the consistency of the mixture – u might wish to add just a liiittle bit of water if u want to make it less thick. Also u can add coconut milk, rice, almond, soy or whatever other kind of milk u might have. Just don’t use cows milk please, i can’t tell u why, but.. trust me!


Soak chick peas in water over night and then cook them until done, or simply use the precooked caned ones  – which i mostly avoid to do, but when there is no time, i guess even canned ones are ok. (Nah, i am just comforting u, it is way better to live a life of no hurry and avoid trashy canned stuff even if they show off with words like organic, bio and eco – it can’t change the fact it comes from the can 😀 :P).


Mix the chick peas with rest of the ingredients like in a recipe above, where we used lentils. Some prefer it with lentils, some with chick peas,  i find both of them really nice, if u got ingredients – why not keep it playfull?!

Serve with all kinds of breads, tortillas, chips, or as a side dish with rice, plantains.. use your imagination, be opened and let your taste buds lead the way! Bon appetit! 😉


With love,

Rea Tas


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