Black pasta dressed in colors


  • 1medium size onion
  • few cloves of garlic
  • diced tomatoes and tomato sauce/juice
  • coconut milk
  • pinch of salt
  • pine nuts, peanuts and /or sunflower seeds (peeled, non-salted)
  • french green beans, cooked
  • celery sticks, chopped
  • half of pear, or one small pear chopped into small dices

Place the ceramic pan on medium fire, add teaspoon of coconut oil, only two cloves of garlic (bad joke, add as much as u prefer) and one medium sized onion (I used purple one this time) and stir easily until they start getting that nice golden color. Once they reach that point, add diced tomato and tomato juice, cut celery sticks into small dices and add them as well alongside a small cup of french green beans (hr.; mahune ), pinch of himalayan salt or flower of salt”. Add half glass of water and cook all together for about ten minutes on medium fire, stir it from time to time and while it is being cooked, u can prepare the black pasta which takes about 8 minutes, so it is done in about same time and you can enjoy your meal while still hot and smokin’! 😉

When the sauce is a bit more than half way there and bubbling in the pan, add half can of coconut milk (in even ratios of watery and thick part of the can content) and toss in that sweet miss pear we mentioned in the ingredients part above – it should be diced into small pieces or even grated – as u prefer. Stir gently few more times as it cooks on easy fire for about 2-3 minutes more and voila! You are so there baby! 😀

Pine nuts go great with this whole combo, but it is quite pricey so don’t break your back to get them –  if u can’t find them by yourself or don’t have them in your kitchen already by some beautiful miracle…u can as well add a handful of unsalted peanuts or just skip the whole part. What I sometimes do is dry fry on a pan a bit of sunflower seeds, after about a minute or two they will get really nice & crispy, their smell is great and they can enrich almost any meal and are still pretty affordable by price and easy to find. Sunflower seeds can be served in a separate bowl but can also be tossed into the sauce after it is cooked.

For this meal, this time I used buckwheat pasta, which is also nice, but usualy i prepare it with black bean pasta, also gluten free.



Rea Tas

Farout from Hamburg, snowy greetings on april, 24th!






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