Scratch (the) munchies!


Stratch (the) munchies! Or munchies from scratch!

Munchie’s balls

U know the scenario. It is evening time, you are home, nice and chilled but it still feels like something is missing..  Hmmm, u could have something sweet right now, it’s been hours since lunch and it is great time for dessert dinner..  But as you look at the clock, you realize the shops just closed and even if u encouraged yourself to try fix something with things you have at home, u r in serious doubt about ingredients u got there..

In one of these cases, I decided to play with what I found in my friends kitchen, and here is what we ended up with; yummy brownies and crunchy and healthy energy balls, both gluten free, ready to satisfy a whole munchies party! 🙂

Surely in most cases you also can come up with something to make a healthy and budget snack for evenings like this. Open those cupboard and take a peek in the corners – who knows what inspiring goodies you got there! If u have oats, you are already on the right track.

We used:

  • Oats (Gluten free mix)
  • soy/almond/coconut/as u please milk
  • honey
  • pear, mango, papaya (but can also be done without them)
  • chocolate bits, chocolate sprinkles (from raw cacao)
  • cinnamon
  • ginger powder
  • cacao
  • pine nuts, almonds, pistachio or any other kind of nuts

U can also use:

  • dry fruits (cranberry, raisins)
  • coconut pieces/flour
  • carob
  • dates
  • maple syrup (instead of honey)
  • chia seeds
  • grated carrot

Take a bowl and mix the oats, milk & honey (to which u previously already added a bit of cinnamon and even a smaller bit of ginger powder). Make sure not to put too much milk, as you want the mixture to be thick enough so u can shape small balls from it. Extra milk or oats can always be added later, but keep in mind the texture at all times.

After mixing those, add small chunks of nuts if u have any at hand, chocolate or raw cacao pieces or seeds, coconut shreds, chia seeds, flax seeds, carob or poppy or/and dry or fresh fruits.

*U might also want to consider the fact that fresh fruits already contain their own juice which will make the mixture less thick, so in case u r also using them, take it easy with milk.

For this part, we only had a fresh pear and papaya which we then sliced into small small pieces, added few pine nuts and cacao and thoroughly mixed all ingredients together till it created a compact mix.

From that mixture,  shape balls and roll them through oats u placed in another bowl. Once coated with oats roll them again in chocolate sprinkles and raw cacao or whatever else u have.Place them on the plate and serve to your friends and of course yourself, and allow yourself to enjoy them praising u for salvation from munchies starvation!


C’Oat Brownie

After using half of the mixture from the recipe above for those super yummy energy balls, I decided to upgrade second part of the mix into brownies 🙂

Having no clue what exactly am I doing, guided by my intuitive cooking idea and strong trust in positive outcome of this brave quest, I just said; Let it be brownies!

Without hesitation (almost), I took one egg from the fridge, a pack of baking powder (there i really hesitated, honestly), 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, bit more of milk and mixed it all together with the initial mix – let’s call it.. MIX A! 😀

Preheat the oven  up to cca 175 °C, oil the pan with coconut oil and pour in that nice, smooth composition which u created. Bake for about 25 minutes and see what can you combine for topping!

That part was also much fun 🙂 Not having much at hand, we simply mixed fruits with blender and then put them in freezer to cool off for at least half an hour. Hot brownies and chilly fruits can be a great combo, but you call also spill some choco sprinkles on top, put a bit of marmalade etc.





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