Roll it up! Sushi Farout

photo source: Internet

I would love to begin this one with an apology to all Japanese people who are for sure great sushi masters and originators of this wonderful dish, and i meant no harm when i embarked on this sushi making experiment. The result was satisfying however, and you are free to try it yourself. Once again, no one got hurt during the “making of” except few nori algae, but if Fukshima didn’t finish them, sushi will!

The plates got cleaned very fast, so i dared to publish this although i am just a humble sushi beginner myself.


  • rice (short grain sushi rice) –  half of cup
  • same amount of water as rice (it varies depending of the type of rice u use and the pot n which u r cooking – we found our rice always with a bit of extra water in the end so we prefer going easy with the water, although in most of the recipe you will find they use double amount of water)
  • 2Tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • avocado, sprouts, peppers, carrots or any other veggies of your own choice (app 1 cup for 4 nori leafs)
  • soy sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi for serving
  • sesame
  • nori algae sheets

The texture of the rice is very important, so you’ll need to rinse the rice several times before steaming it in order to eliminate the excess starch. Make sure the water is nice and clear after the last time you rinse it, and make sure you buy short or medium grain white rice, preferably a sushi rice if you are able to find such where you live.

If you use regular rice, you might cry in despair afterwards, so better don’t fool around and be faithful to sushi rice.

So, after the rice is done (cca 10 minutes, cook it with the lid on), take it out of the cooker or a pot and place it on a wooden cutting board or wooden bowl which will then absorb the extra water.

Add 2 large spoons of rice vinegar to season the rice. Prepare a bamboo sushi mat and wrap it in the plastic foil. Place a nori algae leaf on it and Roll it!

In the meantime,  chop your veggies into thin pieces. If they’re too bulky or chunky it will be hard if not impossible for the sushi to roll well.

On how to roll the sushi – well, honestly I am not an expert myself and instead of using a whole lot of words to describe this “procedure”, maybe you would prefer watching a video that does the job much better than any bra bra i might be doing to describe it…

After watching the video, reading this recipe (which was probably more a motivation for you to embark on the sushi rolling journey, than a full on tutorial), and reading from few more different sources (plenty available online), you are ready to roll your own! And what better thing to do on this date – but to roll it up – in  a Farout style! 🙂



Greetings from Vancouver, soon taking off into new adventures – Mediterranean and summer are getting closer every day – hooray! 🙂 Stay blessed, know it! 😉



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