YOGA HOPPER… hopping in yoga sessions around the globe!


Recently i decided to join some of my side projects and unite them with what originally was to be “just” a traveling and cooking blog. As a mother of 10 year old “DIY art’s & craft’s festival, – shortly known as “F.A.F.”, leading regional artisanal market, and a passionate music addict, DJ, traveler, writer, workshops and healing area manager and yoga enthusiast, I just couldn’t resist not uniting all of the mentioned interests and consequently, contents, in one place – and chose THEFAROUT.ORG to be ideal platform for it. It will take time to shape it in what is the final vision, but s everything in life, it is a process and takes time, but why not share and learn and enjoy even through the process itself! 🙂

So, back to yoga hopping…

Got a yoga studio you want to recommend for reviewing in our Yoga hopper section?

Write to:, let us know of the location,
suggest your (favourite) studio and ad
d contact of the person we should speak to to arrange for the drop in class so we can visit and hop in to check some of the coolest yoga places in your town! We will be updating with new cities and covering even more places in future, wherever our journey takes us… we will be yoga hopping for sure! Looking forward to you recommendations!


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