BIKRAM YOGA, Altona, Hamburg (Germany)

Bikram’s beginning yoga class is a demanding series of 26 hatha yoga postures, which is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. The class lasts 90 minutes and is performed in a room heated to 40°C (= 105° Fahrenheit). The series is specifically designed to work every muscle, bone, joint, ligament, tendon, gland & organ in the body.

After wondering through Central america for three months, enjoying summer temperatures in full effect and walking around blissful and barefoot, I finally returned to Europe and got shocked by moody april – it was even snowing in Hamburg past few days..

In need for some movement and action, which i didn’t really get during past two weeks since i returned (all due to freezing temperatures outside and the fact i caught a cold as soon as i arrived),  I asked my dear friend, Nomadjay, to recommend and help find a yoga place here in Hamburg where we could drop in, or should i say – hop in at least few times while i am visiting.

And so we did some searching and decided for BIKRAM YOGA. It didn’t take long to make the decision. We discriminated all other yoga studios in favour of this one from the first moment we set our eyes on the text quoted above, in the beginning of this post. 40+ °C!

In our minds, we returned again back to the jungle, to one of our dearest places we did yoga so far (don’t get us confused for some yogini experts  -we are just humble padawans, tryin’ to integrate yoga in our daily lives as much as possible). Finally, again, doe heat! We were so up for it, or so we thought! 🙂

BIKRAM Altona is situated in Altona district: a part of Hamburg that was added to the city only in the 1930s and that up until 1864 actually belonged to the Kingdom of Denmark. Fun fact: the name Altona means “all too near” in Low German. Apparently the Danish fishermen’s town was too close for comfort for the neighboring Hamburg.


Studio is called  BIKRAM YOGA ALTONA and is focused strictly on BIKRAM yoga, offering 7 days a week, 3-5 slots daily, starting from morning to evening in which you can come and join the class. It is suitable for complete beginners, but you should as they advise;

  •  Take it easy in your first class, during class feel free to sit down and have a break

Also, definitely make sure you come well hydrated, which means drinking plenty water throughout the day, not only jugging a gallon in front of the yoga place. All things you should keep in mind when preparing for a bikram class are listed very nicely on their website, which also provides a section in english for non german speakers.

I attended the classes which were fully held in german language, but the teachers were always careful to correct if there was a posture i didn’t quite understand, they make the effort to remember your name, address u personally in a very calming and supportive way throughout the class when necessary, and although i still haven’t attended the bilingual class, I was told there are few teachers who do it.

Changing rooms are very neat, provide everything u might need – was super surprised to see they even provide stuff like hair and body shampoos, deodorant, body milk, tampons, paper tissues, plastic bag where you can put your wet workout clothes (yes, they do get very, almost completely wet).

When you enter the place where the actual class is being performed, you instantly start realising the true meaning of 40 celsius. And with first postures, you start understanding why they wrote to dress really lightly cause it can get very hot.. i made a crucial mistake and wore cotton t-shirt and tights on my first session, while everyone else besides my friend and me was dressed as if they were stretching on the beach – wearing shorts and tops.

Yoga mat: included (if u have, bring your own, but their’s are in a pretty good condition as well and being well maintained. After all; This is Germany baby.)

What to bring: Bring two towels and clothes to change after the session. Also, would be wise not too forget a bottle of water, although the tap water is also drinkable and u can buy it there as well if u want it bottled and don’t have one.

Price: 20 for 10 sessions in trial period! For all other info. and details check their website!

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