Living in the tropics is magic…. sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is the reality that we have created. Living here we go to the beach for our bath and healing and we shop for food from the farmers once a week. The Puerto Viejo Farmers market is the main happening where we mingle and get all sorts of freshly picked organic loveliness straight from locals and their farms in surrounding area. On such days, I imagine us as ancient romans, grooving and getting together on their forums ūüôā It is one of those rare days we actually go into the town (as funny as expression “town” sounds in this context since it is¬†a rather small coastal place in Caribbean¬†Costa Rica,¬†in the province of Lim√≥n. It is popular with surfers and backpackers, nature lovers, artists and musicians, expats from all over the globe.¬† This region offers an amazing variety of tropical fruits, veggies, roots and seeds, of all shapes, textures, aromas, colours, farout ¬†and beyond of what most of us can imagine).

So each¬†Saturday¬†we get our weekly fresh groceries supply and then just fill in on what’s missing by having it dropped off to our front door by a neighbor who has his organic farm not far away from the magical Playa where we nested for this season, or who knows.. ūüėÄ

So, we’ve been trying to first use the veggies that can’t last too long and keep their freshness and incorporate those to our first meals of the¬†Sunday¬†and the following week.

So in this recipe we combined few different elements, using broccoli, tomatoes, carrots with yuca, sweet potato, garlic, ginger and turmeric with breadfruit chips, spicy dip and coconut milk boiled curry rice.

Since I am sharing home with my new family, also known as¬†Fermentation lovers or Tropical Regeneration, lovely duo that creates some serious kitchen, garden and in general, crazy good magic, we didn’t stop with just doing the curry coconut rice, chips and rootical veggie stir, but we stole a bit of the grated goodness we were prepping at the same time the lunch was being cooked, to create a nice medium spicy dip to add to the plate.


Boil the integral rice (or any other that u like), and add some extra juiciness by cooking it in some coconut milk – we use the coconuts we collect around our house and then shred bits, mix them with some water with Vitamix, but if fresh one is not accessible, the one u can get in most of the better stores will do the trick. Little before finishing with boiling the rice, add some curry or if u prefer, leave it as it is and just do the curry as a part of the veggie stir which we serve together alongside rice and everything else.


Rootical Veggie stir:

Spray the wok or the pan with some coconut oil (we use just a tiny bit) and first add the roots that take more time to cook. Yuca, than sweet potato, broccoli stems, and after a bit, carrots and broccoli tops with a good amount of grated ginger and shredded garlic. As you add the first part of the roots that need longer cooking, and stir them shortly on medium fire-heat, you can add some coconut milk or if you prefer, water, just enough to cover the roots and cook it like that for 10 to 15 minutes. Add rest of the veggies, feeling free to combine and mix in this recipe whatever you desire to taste on your plate and have available. Spice it as you prefer; I used black pepper, himalayan salt, curry, turmeric and ginger roots, cilantro and garlic.

Breadfruit chips:

Peel of the breadfruit and slice it to make chips shaped bits, warm up some coconut oil in your frying pan and bake the chips until you see them getting tanned nicely! Super simple and fast. Spice it with whatever your heart and taste buds feel like and enjoy dipping into the sauce we are just about to share with you!

Spicy dip:

Cayenne pepper, himalayan salt, lots of shredded thingies like;

ginger, garlic, purple and green cabbage, carrots, onions, radish

stolen from the mix that we used to create our Kimchi ferment (recipe coming up soon with warm regards from Fermentation lovers). Let the mixed grated veggies release their   succulent juices and soak in it for at least 15 minutes. Feel free to help it get extra moist and their juices running by squeezing the cabbage and other ingredients. When it has released the juice, mix it with hand mixer until the texture becomes sauce like. Add some chia seeds in if you have the at hand.

Serve rice with the cooked veggies, add some homebaked breadfruit chips, your dip and enjoy this colour explosion with all your senses!

With all our love,




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