Less is more. And sometimes the day is just too beautiful, the sun is too bright and the waves are just too perfect to be spending all that time in your kitchen, Totally opposite of how we roll on the rainy days, when the kitchen becomes our sanctuary and ideas, inspiration and yumminess simply pours out of our sleeves. If we wear any.

So, I am sharing this uncomplicated recipe, that is practically more of an inspiration for a simple dish than a meal that you would really be needing a recipe for, but why not show it off a bit and encourage you too to do what? KEEP IT SIMPLE 😀

Happiness is in the small things, in simplicity and ease we encounter once we stop making everything so complicated and stressful. And meetings we have around our tables, moments we say our short blessings and expressions of the gratitude to nature, universe, hardworking farmers, land that birthed the seeds –  make the best ingredients of all the meals we share.

Rice and beans is probably the most common meal you will come across in all of the latin american countries. And nothing made me appreciate this simple yet such wonderful dish as living in this part of the globe. They come in many different variations and colours, but here we used black as they are an extremely affordable source of protein, filling fiber, disease fighting antioxidants, and numerous vitamins and minerals.

To get more insight on the nutritional values and health benefits from black beans check here.

What we did:

We cooked the black beans that we first left to soak over night and in the other pot we prepared integral rice that we spiced with a bit of curry powder and salt. We grated one raw carrot on top of the rice to add some freshness and colour, and made our plate crazy beautiful by adornments made of cucumbers, kale and kimchi or as we europeans would say saurkraut– homemade kraut that is packed-full of probiotics and beneficial bacteria.  Fermentation lovers rocked my world once again by mixing up this baby, and were happy to share the recipe.

SO, I feel the title of this post, the name I gave to this combo is a very reasonable one and makes so much sense. Don’t you? 😀

And until I figure out the way to add videos here, I will just pop this link HERE for you to have some music to chew along!





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