AFROPOLITAN LOUNGE friday sessions with Rea Farout

Afropolitan cafe (Puerto Viejo, Costa rica) is now opened and running, full power and passion in everything that we do, no matter if it is the food, the music, the ingredients we select and the rhythms and vibes we mix in. In that spirit, we decided to host 3 weekly nights that will take place regularly in our freshly re-opened fusion restaurant and cafe!
Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays we will treat our guests with some live and acoustic sessions and DJ’s, and will be opened 5 days a week with tuesdays and Sundays closed.
Rea Farout, international artist and adventurer, has been an active musical enthusiast since 2007 as a selectress, dj, and event organiser. Join us each friday at Afropolitan Lounge for an evening of our delicious falafel special with selected global beats and afro-caribbean fusion!

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