Tearing down musical frontiers – DRASKA

Draska is a musician, composer and producer driven by the force of cultural and musical diversity, integrating african instruments into modern music styles (Singer/songwriter/world music/reggae/pop/rock/organic electro).

Draska is tearing down musical frontiers and his compositions interplay with the richness of the n’Goni, by using pedal effects and altering it’s originally pentatonic scale.
His mellow at once bittersweet voice is melting with the n’Goni and exploring electrifying African rhythms, coloured with African Instruments and underlined with background-vocals arrangements from around the world.

Draska offers a choice of 3 formules: Draska solo (including live looping), Draska duo (with percussionist and looping), Draska band (N’Goni, Bass, Percussion, Balafon, BgrVocalist).

“Draska is instant-creating and exploring various universes; from Ethiopian melodies to meditative chillout fields up to psycedelic trance beats and sounds that end up with singer/songwriter compositions; an adventure that is and will never be the same as there are as many ways of expression as there are moments”.

Just recently Draska has gained some serious reinforcement – the trio has a new member, Draska’s 10 year old son Goan who does vocals on some of the songs, plays percussions and has been learning how to groove on the bass guitar, so surely there is more to come from this amazing little guy and musical genius!

Drake is currently based in the caribbean of Costa rica where he is performing regularly and continuously being creative. Peak here and check what he has been up to!

For more insight into details and bio of the artist click on THE STORY… 

For more music, check DRASKA bandcamp page.


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