Folk medicines / grandmas secret treasures

In the early 2014., when i first received my routine checkup medical results and faced the thyroid cancer diagnosis that came pretty much out of the blue, I instantly refused to be scheduled for surgery (the doctor already started signing me up to be on the operating table within a week lol), but i promised myself to first try other options and look into what they are, so at least i would know that I did my best to avoid the surgery if possible, knowing that in best case scenario, i will end up completely dependant on pharmaceutical substitute hormones for…well.. as long as i live. In that moment, it simply wasn’t an option. I decided to learn from this situation, grow stronger and better and remove the cause of my thyroid sickness and not just clear my body from it, but really, clear my life and my space from everything that in this or that way made me sick. Obviously, i was not in homeostasis as i believed i was till then 🙄😏😋

So, i redesigned my already pretty clean and healthy diet and started educating myself even more about different alternatives that could help me keep it under control and balance my hormones, that were not that dramatically bad, but just the Hashimoto and papillary carcinoma were enough for me to chew on and grasp and so I started my self-healing journey.

Here is one of the great simple remedies/power mixes that i collected during that journey. This one comes from an amazing, magical herbalist grandma from my homeland, Croatia. She swears in it’s healing properties, and just a quick look at the ingredients list speaks enough.. I myself am not too enthusiastic about the wine part, but old folk have special potions up their sleeve so i won’t complain 🙂

Happy to share it, especially since I thought it got lost long time ago, but during a big moving out clean up, the small piece of paper where she wrote it just resurfaced so… divine timing. Aho!

Take a big glass jar (at least 2 l) and add the following:

  • 0,5 l fresh beetroot juice
  • 0,5 l freshly squeezed carrot juice
  • 3 lemons
  • 2dcl red wine
  • 0,5 kg honey
  • 20 grams of aloe vera leaf
  • chunk of honeycomb (thats what granz said…)
  • Add some chicory if you can find some

Stir well & keep it in refrigerator for 10 days, but remember to shake the jar each day at least once, energetically! 😀

After it “brewed” for 10 days, it is ready to be consumed. Drink a big glass per day and smile often. Be well.


*Photo by my magic lil’ sis Ahimsa (IG @feelgoodsoulfood)

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