Get creative – smoothie challenge day 1!

Simple, yummy, healthy!
It doesn’t get much better than this and yes, Costa rica again brings out the foodie in me, but that has never been a problem here, as the food and ingredients accessible here are top notch and some of the nutrient and health most abundant diets one can wish for to have on its table.Also, with all the time we are gifted with these days, exercise has also become a daily thing, so… Let’s do this!🍌Take three ripe bananas, peel and cut them in pieces and put in freezer for next 3-4 hours
👌Prepare between 40-100 g of raw, ceremonial grade Cacao.👌Take a blender bowl and add the frozen bananas in, piece of fresh ginger root, a small piece of fresh turmeric, coconut shreds and a bit of coconut milk (I use fresh homemade coconut milk made out of fresh coconut, but other veg milk will also do), few ice cubes and few pieces of pineapple and papaya (optional).👌Add Cacao.👌Grind in blender in ice cube mode until desired consistency.👌Pour in smoothie bowls and enjoy to the fullest!

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