Sister in Roots – A gentle reminder

Five blessings for all Women
May we know our radiant worth so clearly that we never demean ourselves chasing after those who are for any reason incapable of loving us fully or joyfully committing to learning to do so. .
May we release the centuries-old programming in our bones that tells us we are at risk unless everyone around us is happy. People are in a state of not-happy long before we warped ourselves out of shape in the hopeless and controlling project of trying to make them happy. May we release the hyper-attunement to the emotional state of others, sometimes branded as empathy and claimed as special identity. May we feel and know our own selves primarily and therefore have a steady spring of autonomous grace amidst sensing the feelings of others. .
May we step into our freeborn independence of spirit and move according to the authentic and clearly felt desires of our heart, without fearing the orbit of others or pushing them away, or denying our utter dependence on everything else that lives. .
May we step completely out of our mental library of ideals of how our face and body should look and be content to exist as the one we are, cells humming with life, blooming like any other flower.
And may we know with every cell that we are a subject, a living life form that perceives, not an object living to be perceived & “empowering” itself by becoming a more desirable object. May we acknowledge and release the deep programming imposed upon us to seek worth through the gaze of others, and instead know and feel it ourselves. 🌺🌺🌺 Written by Rosalind Lucy @rosalind.lucy

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