‘Vuela con el Viento’ – written and performed by Ayla Schafer

Llévame con tus alas de luz 
águila tráenos medicina 
del viento del aire, las estrellas 
del sol brillando, guía mi camino 

Cura, cura, cúrame, 
sana todo lo que yo llevo 
agradesco por mi vida 
Pachamama yo te amo 
Vuela con el viento… 

Llévame con tus alas de amor 
Condorcito tráenos medicina 
del cielo, ilumina mi interior 
volando enseña mi camino 


Carry me with your wings of light 
Eagle bring us the medicine 
of the wind, of the air, of the stars, of the sun 
shining, you guide the way 

Cure, cure, cure me 
heal everything I carry 
giving gratitude for my life 
Mother Earth I love you 

Fly with the wind, fly with the wind 

carry me with your wings of love, 
Condor bring us the medicine of the sky, 
illuminate my interior 
flying, you show me the way

Credits Ayla Schafer

About Ayla Schafer

Ayla is a multi-lingual ‘world folk’ singer-songwriter and a visionary musical artist weaving together a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music from across South and North America.

With a growing presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. Ayla’s music has taken her around the world with her live performances that provide a sacred, intimate, heart-opening space for all who are present. This artist sings the song of the spirit and embodies the tales she tells, expressing a music that reverberates with deep heart, wisdom, and soul. To experience the essence of this young songstress is to be taken down a musical journey that ultimately leads us back to the very core of our own inner existence.

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