“Rea Farout, croatian based, yet worldwide wandering selectress, artist and adventurer has been active on the musical scene since 2007 as a selectress and a dj, and even longer as a event organiser and musical enthusiast.

For past 10 years Rea has been president of a non government organisation which promotes audio visual arts, and for same period of time, running the biggest regional D.I.Y. art event – Festival of arts and crafts also familiar as F.A.F. Her passion for music brought her to different parts of the world where she shared the vibes (Turkey, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa rica, Panama, Canada, Guatemala etc ), message and culture through her selection which reaches to multiple musical genres, but is mostly influenced by african and Caribbean sounds and rhythms. Member of King Shango sound system for over a decade, a veteran croatian reggae sound system, Sisters in roots collective and also a founder and dj in The Farout project where she plays more of downtempo and psychedelic & world music, this lady offers cross cultural ride through sceneries of worlds best quality music of different genres – this time in a more foundation /roots reggae style…

Music is a mission, as everything in life, so in a healers manner, which is her calling in a way (working as a healing area/workshops/lectures manager in festivals worldwide), expect vibes full of message and upliftment!”

FB PAGE – REA FAROUT https://www.facebook.com/REAHTAS/


“Rea is gifted with the ability to touch the consciousness of one’s self through massage, music and more. The massage being offered, to you,  is perfect for those on a journey of self healing and in need of a refreshing release. Rea will provide a beautiful atmosphere and relaxing massage that incorporates very simple yet profound tools of self-realignment and a balancing-energetic cleansing. Rea considers herself as an atmosphere moderator and a humble guardian of those who decide to embark on a journey in quest for healing and realignment. Rea not only manages and coordinates healing areas of festivals, but is also a traveling DJ exposing the world to different genres of music. To top it off, you can also find Rea, for the past 10 years, frolicking through forests and gathering potent medicinal and “consciousness expanding” plants from nature followed by medicinal tea sessions.”

written by: Rachel Ellen

“Rea Tas is a female artist from Croatia. She was born and raised in Zadar, town on the beautiful adriatic coast dating from ancient times, where she graduated from university in Culture & Tourism (Marketing & Management in Art & Culture). For her final exam she chose to combine what she feels most passionate about in life: art and music. And in her visionary manner created the very first DIY Arts & Craft Festival in Zagreb: FISTT Art Festival (short: FAF). Which since 2009 has been taking place regularly, usually in the weeks before Christmas, with a wide range of arts and handmade crafts – and a unique variety of participants from all over the globe. Then came what inspires her most in life: nature and music. For several years she has been responsible for the organization of the Zen Garden space at Modem-Festival, one of the most famous psytrance festivals in the world! Rea Tas organizes the festival space with its extraordinary arts, inspirational talks and educational workshops. And also she is called the high priestess of music. She is a DJ! But her style and choice of music cannot be put in words. One of her greatest gifts is that she emphatically adapts to the audiences vibes. And manages to adjust the music she plays, while she feels the needs of her audience and makes it dance as if nobody was watching. She is a medicine woman, born to heal – not only with music! Rea Tas is a true female warrior: she can dream, but make happen, she can survive in chaos, but create structure, she can talk, but be silent, she can run, but slow down, she can be visionary, but realistic. And her most valuable quality of all the qualities she combines in her authentic and true human being is that she loves what she does and trusts in herself. She is shakti. She is passion. She is Rea Tas. Fairy. Witch. Princess. Warrior. Far out. Visionary.”

(text by: Jasmin Rashid)


*Still work in progress, thank u for supporting, following and tryin’ things in the farout way! 😉


Rea Tas

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